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Pre-School Student Life

Tae Kwon Do After School Course
Food Drive donation
After School Course art class
Piano lesson
Knitting class
Terry Fox Run
Terry Fox Run
Remembrance Day poppies
Ballet class
Sports with Jay
Trip to Toronto Zoo
School visit from Reptilia
Making Montessori Education Week crafts
Pre-School class photo in playground
Summer Camp enjoying an ice cream cone
Chick hatching program
Students working with the Montessori Math materials
group photo from International Day
Learning with the dressing frames
Student working with the practical life materials
Enjoying a ride on school field trip
making animals masks
Student completing the Binomial Cube activity
Student using the Sandpaper letters
Students working the the sensorial apparatus Sound Shakers

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Virtual Tours

Until the school is able to reopen for regular tours, we invite to you view a virtual tour of the Amarillo and Main Campuses of Town Centre Private Schools.

Amarillo Campus (Pre-School and Grade 1)

Main Campus (Grades 2 to 12)

Main Campus (High School)

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