Elementary School Directory

If you have any questions regarding the Elementary School program, or would like to arrange for a private tour of Town Centre Private Schools of our Pre-School Montessori, Elementary or High School, please contact us and our administrative staff will be happy to assist you.


Mr. Rocco Lamanna
Elementary School Principal
Tel: (905) 470-1200
Fax: (905) 470-0184
Mrs. Yun Bowerbank
Elementary School Vice-Principal
Tel: (905) 470-1200
Fax: (905) 470-0184
Mrs. Rita Thadani
Pre-School / Elementary Vice-Principal
Tel: (905) 474-3434
Fax: (905) 474-3113
Mr. Dennis Vanderlugt
Tel:  (905) 474-3434
Fax: (905) 474-3113




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