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2023 High School Mathematics, Chemistry, Business and Computing Competitions

Grade 11 Avogadro Chemistry Exam – University of Waterloo

The Avogadro Chemistry Exam is a worldwide competition providing students with the opportunity to test their chemistry skills and knowledge.

Many participating TCPS students placed within the top 25th percentile in Canada and one grade 11 student, Ethan B., ranked 6th in Canada (out of 2,957 students) and 19th in the World (out of 4,741 students). This puts his score at the 99.8th and 99.6th percentile respectively. Ethan also received an Elemental Tile Outstanding Achievement Award from the University of Waterloo.

Ethan B.

Canadian Computing Junior Competition – University of Waterloo

The Canadian Computing Junior Competition is a fun challenge helping participants build confidence and grow their ability to design, understand and implement algorithms.

Congratulations to Ethan R. (grade 10) who made the Canadian Computing Junior Honour Roll achieving a score between 66-74 out of 75. This contest was written by 6,242 students.

Ethan R.

Grade 9 Newton Mathematica Contest – Mathematics Contest Centre

The Mathematics Contest Centre prepares some of the top mathematics competitions in North America including the Canadian National Mathematica Centrum Contests which includes the Grade 9 Newton Contest.

Congratulations to Laith F. (grade 9) who achieved the 2nd highest score, ranking 13th among 1,483 students.

Laith F.

Euclid Contest – University of Waterloo

The Euclid contest gives senior-level secondary school students the opportunity to tackle novel problems with creativity while using the knowledge they’ve gained in high school mathematics.

Congratulations to Kunye W. (grade 12) who made the Euclid Honour Roll scoring between 85-87 out of 100. This contest was written by 24,716 high school students.

Kunye W.

Financial Literacy Competition – University of Waterloo

This competition covers topics in banking, investing, economics, income management and budgeting, accounting, credit, post-secondary financing, home ownership, and fraud and financial safety.

Congratulations to Ethan B. (pictured at the top of the page) and Aryan V. (both in grade 11) who made the Honour Roll scoring in the top 10.

Aryan V.


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