Beyond the Classroom

Town Centre Private Schools offers Elementary students a well-rounded program incorporates a variety of extracurricular activities beyond the classroom. This include competitive sports, After School Courses, Virtual Field Trips, Arts and opportunities to give back through community outreach events throughout the year.

SSAF Competitive Sports League

Golf champs
u12 soccer
track a
u12 soccer b
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boys ball hockey

The School is an active member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF). The SSAF offers athletic competition for our elementary and high school students. This sports league offers the students a chance to try out and compete against other schools in inter-school competitions.

TCPS competes at the elementary level (grade 4 to 8) and at the high school level (grade 9 to 12) with boys, girls and co-educational sports teams. The SSAF provides our students the opportunity to demonstrate their school spirit and show sportsmanship in friendly competitions.

After School Courses

Something for everyone! After School Courses are very popular at TCPS, offering benefits for students and parents alike.  Our families trust the quality of our programs and are appreciative of the fact that their children are learning from some of the best instructors from their fields in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area!

Parents can register their children for 1 or as many programs as they choose. All programs are held at the student’s regular campus. This saves parents time driving their children to similar programs in the evening or on weekends. All programs are interactive, educational and fun. Classmates and friends often sign up for the same programs making the course extra enjoyable. Courses are offered throughout the year from mid-September to June.

After School Courses are scheduled outside of teaching hours on regular school days. The following are the After School Courses currently being offered to students.

  • Art (grades 2 – 8)
  • Badminton (grades 5 – 8)
  • Chess (grades 2 – 6)
  • Choir (grades 2 – 8)
  • Digital Discovery (grades 2 – 8)
  • Logics (grades 2 – 5)
  • Piano and Theory (grades 2 – 8)  
  • Taekwondo (grades 1- 8) 
  • Piano and Theory (grades 2 – 8)  
  • TCPS Sports (grades 2 – 8)            

Trips and Visitor Presentations


Throughout the school year, extracurricular excursions and in-school presentations are organized to enhance the learning experience for the students in grades 1 to 8.  These include visits to or visitor presentations from historic sites, museums, art galleries, centres for scientific discovery and physical fitness activities.  During the winter months, organizations are invited into the school to provide artistic virtual workshops, musical, cultural and dramatic presentations.  The Elementary Trips, Visitors and Virtual Presentation programs allow students the opportunity to learn and explore beyond the classroom in a fun, social setting.

For students in grades 6, 7 and and 8 multi-day overnight excursions are planned each June. In light of the current COVID protocols, these overnight trips will be postponed until further notice.


Grade 8 band perform at Music Night.

TCPS has a holistic, process-oriented approach to musical education. As part of the regular school Music curriculum students in grades 1 to 3 receive formal Music lessons, learn to read Music and play the recorder. At the grade 4 level, students are introduced to the instrumental band program. Band classes emphasize proper instrument techniques and correct musical terminology. Students have the option of either renting or purchasing a musical instrument. The students frequently perform for fellow students and parents, as well as participate in Music competitions outside the school. Beyond the classroom, Elementary students have opportunities to showcase their musical abilities.

Grade 1 Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert

Each December the TCPS grade 1 classes, teachers and Music teachers plan a wonderful seasonal celebration. Each class performs a number of songs with students acting as master of ceremonies to the delight of the parents, families and students. The Christmas Concert is always a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

Spring Concert

group photo taken at grade 2 & 3 TCPS Spring Concert

As students move into grades 2 and 3  they participate in the annual Spring Concert. Students sing songs, dance and perform plays with each year’s concert having a    different theme. It’s a great evening of entertainment for all.

Band Concert

At the end of May all the band and choir students, who have been working hard all year, have a special evening to demonstrate their musical talents. Held over two afternoons, students from grades 4 to 8 participate in the annual Music Nights.

Elementary Community Outreach

Students at TCPS are well aware that not everybody lives a privileged lifestyle. Students are taught that they don’t own the world but share it collectively with others. On this premise, TCPS students enthusiastically participate in many charitable fund raising events throughout the academic year. The immediate beneficiaries are people in need at the Terry Fox Foundation, Veterans Association of Markham, Markham Food Bank and Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Click on the images below and discover how the TCPS Elementary Division is giving back to the local community!

Toy Donation to Markham Stouffville Hospital
Helping Those in Need
Donation to Markham Veterans Association
Donation to Markham Veterans Association
TCPS Elementary Terry Fox Run
Canadian Red Cross Relief Efforts for Hurricane Fiona
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