Extracurricular Activities

Town Centre Private Schools students a well-rounded program by offering a variety of extracurricular activities beyond the classroom. This include competitive sports, House League events, clubs and organizations, field trips and virtual presentations, Arts and opportunities to give back through community outreach events throughout the year.

Competitive Sports

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Town Centre Private Schools’ High School division is an active member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF).

This sports league offers our students the opportunity to tryout and compete against other schools in inter school competitions. We compete at the under 20 level (grades 9 to 12) with boys, girls and co-educational sports teams. The leagues provide our students with a unique opportunity to show their school spirit and sportsmanship in friendly competitions.

House League and Activity Days

The High School division offers a full house league program which incorporates a variety of activities and competitions including athletics, arts, community service and other spirit building events. Each TCPS student, as well as, every member of the TCPS teaching faculty, is assigned to one of our 4 houses. The following house names were voted on TCPS graduates.

  • Yellow Gryphons
  • Red Phoenixes
  • Blue Thunderbirds
  • Green Dragons

Each student is provided with a House T-shirt at the beginning of the school year in September. These T-shirts are worn with other appropriate athletic wear in place of the school uniform on specially designated House Spirit Days over the course of the school year.

Clubs and Organizations

At Town Centre Private Schools the High School students have the opportunity to join and participate in a variety of extracurricular clubs and organizations to round our their High School experience.  The following club and organizations are available during the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Art/Photography/Year Book Club
  • Computer Science Club
  • Daily Physical Activity (lunch hour and after school)
  • DECA Club
  • Green Club
  • HOSA Club
  • Math Contest Prep Club
  • Model United Nations MUN / Debate Club
  • Music Production club
  • Play Production Club
  • STRIVE Club


Town Centre offers a variety of both curricular and co-curricular opportunities in the Arts.

Students with a passion for music have the opportunity not only to take part in instrumental music classes as part of our program from grades 9 to 12, but may also participate in the school’s Senior Band. The band performs at the annual Arts Night.

Similarly, students interested in visual arts have the opportunity to study art history and practice their artistic talents in courses ranging from grades 9 to 12. The “Art Club” meets regularly throughout the year to support drama projects and other special events in high school. These students help with set design and construction, and are always on hand to provide their artistic flair to the school’s many projects.

Those with a flair for the dramatic are encouraged to audition for our annual school play and to become involved as either a member of the cast or the crew. 

The various House activities and special events, such as our annual Talent Show, give students another outlet to express themselves creatively. At Town Centre, the arts truly are for everyone!


Extracurricular Excursions

Field Trips and Visitor Presentations

High School students enjoy a variety of trips and visitor presentations and have activity day outings throughout the year. 

Grade 9 Outdoor Leadership Conference

Each September the grade 9 students spend 3 days at an outdoor leadership conference centre in the cottage country of Northern Ontario. The purpose of this educational experience is to provide an opportunity for the first year high school students to get to know their new classmates and teachers in an informal and exciting outdoor setting. The program is designed to promote leadership skills, teamwork, with a strong emphasis on ecological awareness.

grade 9 students at Bark Lake

International Experiences

Ecuadorcomposite image of high school WE trip to Ecuador

Eight TCPS students and 2 staff members completed a 10 day visit to Ecuador in August 2016. Working with ME to WE our students broaden their perspective on the world as they explored a new culture and volunteered on sustainable development projects, working side by side with local communities.

Central Europe

Over the March break 2015, TCPS students and staff members headed to Toronto Pearson International Airport to catch their flight and begin their European adventure. The 11 day tour included Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The exposure to different cultures, cuisines and history was unforgettable. The group returned home on the evening of March 22nd with many fascinating stories to share about their time abroad.


Buon Giorno” (Hello). March Break 2012 was an incredible adventure for the high school students who were excited to travel to Europe and experience first-hand the history, sights, food, Italian culture and fashion! During our 9 day composite images of high school trip to Italywhirlwind excursion we enjoyed the expert services of our private Italian tour guide, Sandro. Our adventure began in Milan where we boarded our bus and travelled to the beautiful walled city of Verona, the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Highlights of the trip included unforgettable visits to Venice, Pisa, Florence and Rome.

We had the most memorable time on our March Break. Grazie (thank you) for the daily educational excursions, the free time spent visiting museums and exploring the city centres, sampling the famous pizza and gelato, and the shopping! We arrived home exhausted but already looking forward to the next opportunity to travel abroad. Ciao!

High School Community Outreach

Students at TCPS are well aware that not everybody lives a privileged lifestyle. Some are less fortunate due to illnesses, accidents or economic conditions. On this premise, high school students enthusiastically participate in many charitable fund raising events throughout the academic year. The immediate beneficiaries are people in need at the local food banks, the Veterans Association of Markham and a variety of selected charities.

Click on the images below to learn more about how our High School Division is giving back to the local and global community!

Toy Donation to Markham Stouffville Museum
TCPS Food Drive in Support of Markham Food Bank a Great Success!
Markham Veterans Association Donation
Terry Fox and Town Centre – His Legacy Continues
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