High School Summer Credit Courses

This summer, TCPS High School will be offering the summer credit courses listed below for students entering Grade 10, Grade 11, or Grade 12 next year. These are Ontario Ministry 1.0 credit courses, which require 110 instructional hours for successful completion.  These courses will be included on student transcripts.  

This summer TCPS will offer Grade 11 Philosophy, Grade 11 Physics and Grade 12 Physics. The summer is a valuable time to strengthen and further develop transferable skills that will be needed in the next academic year and beyond. 

Students may choose one course only which will begin on June 27, 2024, and conclude on July 26, 2024.  Classes will run every day, from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-2:00pm, in-person at TCPS.  An online learning option will not be available.

The cost to TCPS students is $945.00 per course. 

Should you be interested in registering for a summer credit course, please contact Ms. Hajra at leepy.hajra@tcphs.com or 905-470-1200.  

Summer Camp


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