High School Summer Credit Courses

The TCPS High School will be offering summer courses to current grade 9, grade 10 and grade 11 students from Thursday, June 27 to Friday, July 26, 2024. 

Students entering grade 10, 11 or 12 this fall may choose to take a summer High School course at Town Centre. These courses will be included on student transcripts and grades will be submitted to Ontario universities. These courses are strongly recommended for both IB Diploma and Ontario curriculum students who are considering taking multiple science courses in grades 11 and 12.  

There are many advantages to earning an additional credit over the summer at TCPS. By taking an additional credit now, students may choose to take an additional study period, or they may choose to take a wider range of courses in grade 12. This enables them to meet the prerequisites for a greater number of university programs. Further, since universities generally average students’ top 6 grade 12 courses, taking an additional credit now enables students to use only their best grades in this calculation, increasing their overall averages and increasing their chances for university acceptance, particularly to more competitive programs.

The fee per course is $895. Courses selection for Summer 2024, will be posted shortly.

Students who did not attend Town Centre Private Schools during the 2023-2024 school year will need to complete and submit the High School Enrolment Form below in addition to the Summer Credit Course Registration Form.

Submitting Enrolment Form for Non-TCPS Students

1. Please use Adobe Reader to complete the forms.  You can download it for free hereAdobe icon

2. Click on High School Enrolment Form 2024 – Register Here

3. Download the form and save it with the student’s first and last name as the file name

4. Complete the enrolment form

5. Click “Submit” at the end of the form or email to the address provided on the form

Should you be interested in registering for one of these summer credit courses, please complete the High School Summer Credit Course Registration Form, and High School Enrolment Form 2024 for non-TCPS students, and submit to Ms. Hajra at leepy.hajra@tcphs.com. These courses require a minimum number of students to run and are therefore not guaranteed at this time. Once student responses are received, a follow-up communication will be made to confirm which courses will be offered this summer.


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