Q: Do I need to live in Markham to attend Town Centre?

A: No, as a private school we accept students from throughout the York Region, the Greater Toronto Area and internationally.

Q: What is the difference between public and private school?         

A: The difference at Town Centre is the level of care shown by teachers. Our teachers really care about the students and always make extra efforts to help and guide students. We have high expectations, but we support and guide our students to be successful in school life. Parents can feel reassured that their children are getting the best care and education.

Q: Do we follow the Ontario Curriculum?

A: Although we do follow the Ontario Curriculum as a baseline, at Town Centre we offer an enhanced and enriched curriculum. Mathematics is taught at a year ahead and many subjects are taught at a higher level with high school preparation in mind. The IB program is rigorous but provides many opportunities to learn allowing for differentiated and diverse learning needs.

Q: Why should you choose Town Centre Private Schools?

A: In addition to our excellent academic program, Town Centre offers a well-rounded approach to school life. There are many opportunities for students to develop their talents in arts, music, drama, sports, and technology. Students work hard in school but also engage in fun activities that make their school life rewarding and memorable, through participation intramural and extra-curricular activities, after-school clubs, and special events.

Q: How well do new students transition into Town Centre?

A: We accept new students to Town Centre throughout the year and at every grade level. With the help of 2 teachers in the classroom the new student can make friends, learn about school life, and get extra support for academics. New students find a friendly environment and transition very well. Often, new students say they feel they are very happy with the change to a new school and wish they had transferred earlier.

Q: How does the before and after school extended care work?

A: Town Centre Private Schools offers the most convenient solution for busy working families. We offer extended care in both the before and after school timings which is included in the tuition. Students do not need to be pre-registered to attend the extended care program, which is available on a drop-in basis. The school is open at 7:00 a.m. and closed at 6:30 p.m. for any student who needs to arrive early before school or stay late afterschool. As an added bonus, students who stay for afterschool extended care have the opportunity to complete homework during study hall, supervised by teachers.

International Baccalaureate Programmes

Q: What is the biggest benefit of an IB programme?

A: The students have really benefitted from attending Town Centre because the IB program really engages the students with many hands on, experiential learning activities that supplement conceptual learning. We have seen an increase in the interest and participation shown by our students. The IB programme’s core philosophy of developing the soft skills of inquiry, collaboration, reflection, and teamwork definitely helps to prepare students to be successful in the future.

IB students have the chance to earn university credit. In addition, the program prepares students well for university admission. On average, IB students are more likely to get in to a university and also finish their degrees.  

Q. What is the IB Prep Program?

A. The prop program is designed to familiarize students with the IB program. Students will complete IB style assessments and learn the skills required to enter the full program in years 11 and 12. 

Q. Are there IB exams for the IB Prep Program?

A. There are no externally moderated IB exams for the Prep Program. 

Q. Do students have to take a test to enter the IB program in grade 11?

A. They do not need to take a test.

Q. Do Diploma Programme students earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma? 

A. Yes, students in the DP program will earn both an IB diploma and the OSSD. 

Q.  If I do not register for the full diploma program, does that mean I cannot take IB courses? 

A. Students can choose between taking the full program or taking individual courses. If students take individual courses, they can earn a certificate and university credit if they score at least 5 in an HL course. 

Q. How many IB points do you need to pass?

A. Students need 24 points to earn an IB diploma. No diploma can be awarded without a record of 150 acceptable Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) hours. No diploma can be awarded without successful completion of the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.  You must not get fewer than 12 points for the three HL subjects or any score lower than 2. Students must also pass their Theory of Knowledge course and the extended essay.

Q. Are there exams in grade 11 and 12 for the IB?

A. IB exams occur in grade 12 only. 

Q. What IB score do students need to earn university credit? 

A. Students must score at least 5 in an HL course. 

Q. How have Town Centre students performed in previous IB assessments? 

A. Town Centre students have performed above the international average on IB assessments.