Providing Technology to Ensure Our Students Succeed in Today’s World

Town Centre Private Schools recognizes the importance and potential technology offers to our schools, teachers and students. At TCPS we remain committed in our embrace of technology by empowering our teachers and students while instilling responsible and safe practices to achieve outstanding results. Powerful tools empowering the learning experience.

Town Centre Private Schools invests in technology in four key areas: Infrastructure, Devices, Software and Digital Citizenship which allows us to continue to improve and meet the demands and expectations of young minds while instilling safe and responsible use to ensure privacy.


Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow

Town Centre Private Schools has built a robust 10-gigabit-per-second copper-fibre network infrastructure and Wi-Fi 6 compliance to support thousands of devices around our campuses in classrooms, Computer Labs, Gymnasiums/Auditoriums.

Our students and teachers access resources on-demand with best in-class network security and filtering measures to ensure safe access, age-appropriate content, and sanitization of potentially harmful malware and other malicious programs.

The Technology Department continually monitors our networks to ensure the best possible experience and reliability while mitigating cyber threats and proactively addressing concerns, greatly reducing down-time.



Our students in grade 1 to 5 have access to TCPS’s 1-to-1 device program taking advantage of our “10-gig” infrastructure allowing for all our students to have access to the relevant content, lessons, and activities every day.

Our students in the IB Primary Years Programme have access to iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops, where each class can cater to the students’ technical abilities to deliver engaging and exciting lessons. Our mixed device strategy boosts confidence with use of any type of device and allows the students to focus on the lessons to achieve the best results. Our teachers recognize the importance of technology and blend traditional teaching and learning objectives to provide a balanced approach to on-screen time and device use.

Advancing through the IB Middle Years Programme (grades 6 – 10) and IB Diploma Programme (grades 11 and 12), our students benefit from our 1-to-1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop program where students are encouraged to bring and use their devices throughout their academic endeavors in and out of class for research, projects and assignments, design, presentations, and collaboration.

With our students recognizing and building upon the principals of safe internet and device use, students demonstrate and showcase their technological skillsets in our STEM Fairs, classroom projects, and extra-curricular activities.

Enhancing our grade 9 through 12 program, High School students are encouraged to use mobile devices throughout their learning objectives. Students manage their schedules, communicate with teachers and their peers while planning and prioritizing their tasks/calendars to remain on schedule and up to date with school events, in-class studies and extracurricular activities. Students maximize the use of technology while demonstrating safe and practical use of their devices.


All students have access to devices and Apps available across our rich device experience. As students expand their educational careers, we offer much more robust software that they will also see in real world applications.

Town Centre Private Schools partners with Microsoft and their Microsoft 365 platform to deliver an enriched learning experience from grade 1 through 12.

With our Microsoft Teams Virtual Classroom Integration, live lessons and video chats are seamless and deliver a reliable and engaging classroom experience both online and in the classroom. Staff and Students have been using Teams for over 3 years achieving results and demonstrating new potentials and incumbent skills. Every student is offered a Microsoft 365 EDU Pro Suite of Apps removing any barriers in workflow from document and word processing, data analysis and collaborative projects and presentations.

Students grow and refine their digital design portfolios with their use of Adobe professional products for design and presentations, audio, and video recording, editing and production. We recognize our students as content consumers and content creators and Town Centre Private Schools invests in these objectives to help foster a productive online presence on YouTube, social media, and the digital arts.

Digital Citizenship

We are delighted by our students’ use of technology and the positive impact and success our students have shown. We also recognize the potentials of misuse, unreliable information and privacy concerns that come with online access. At Town Centre Private Schools we recognize our students as the current and future generation of digital citizens. Students visit our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) where they learn to recognize unreliable data and resources and how to locate correctly cited and reliable resources. Students participate in activities and challenges that demonstrate the importance of privacy while also knowing when it is necessary to provide personal information and when not to. The privacy of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority and we want all our students to recognize the importance of remaining private, safe, and responsible while they navigate the digital world.

Help is Always Close at Hand

To assist students with any software questions or technical issues they may encounter, TCPS has full-time IT staff with an open-door policy who are available to provide immediate support as needed.

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