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Dear Ms. Thadani,

Hope you are keeping safe and well.

My husband and I wanted to reach out to you to express our sincere gratitude and contentment regarding Town Centre’s online education program offered for the 2020-2021 school year for both of my children, Saiyuri and Ishan.  Both have been home since March 2020 when the pandemic hit.  Saiyuri is currently in Grade 3 (Ms. Pinto’s class) and Ishan is in Senior Prep (Ms. Mistry’s class). 

During these uncertain times, the online education program provided by Town Centre has been a beacon of light for us as we were only comfortable with the children following an online program versus attending in-person sessions. Hence, the option offered by the school to have the online education program had quelled our anxieties.  The outstanding quality of education, comprehensive subjects offered, and the wonderful and caring teachers have all surpassed our expectations.

Saiyuri’s teachers (Ms. Pinto and Mr. Leofanti) have reached out personally and spoken to both of us on how well our daughter has been doing in class.  Similarly, Ms. Rakhi reached out to us a few times to ensure all is well.  These small touches are truly unexpected but are most welcomed and appreciated.  We are truly grateful and happy that our children have such amazing teachers.

The entire staff (in both campuses) and you have been doing an exceptional job adapting to the needs of our current times, providing comfort and flexibility to parents with a great online education program, maintaining the safety of everyone at school as a priority and ensuring that each child at home is not missing out on the main school activities / fun.  

We can certainly appreciate that concurrently maintaining an online and in-class education system is very challenging and significant work.  However, it should be known that all your efforts and hard work are most appreciated by us and we are certain that many other parents are also of the same opinion. 

Thank you once again and stay safe.

Best Regards,
Sugee and Prasad Chandrakanthan

Patangay Ria

My daughter has been at TCPS for 3 years and I couldn’t be happier! As an educator and health and well being advocate for children, choosing a school for my own child was not a difficult one. TCPS has an outstanding reputation in the Markham and surrounding areas. When I would see happy, healthy children who were polite, well mannered, surpassing milestones and excited about their school and learning…I often heard “I go to Town Centre!”.

My daughter has enjoyed her time at TCPS from the first day we went to their open house, just after she had turned two. She is full of energy going to school, and when coming home, she is excited to share how her day went with her teachers and friends. She takes great pride in her schoolwork, bringing home academic or artwork daily! As a polite, giggly, happy child, she enjoys chatting with teachers, vice-principals and office staff, as much as other students!

The after-school activities have helped her in many ways, developing her motor skills with Sports with Jay, balance skills with Ballet, coordination skills with Zumba and relaxation techniques with Yoga.

My husband and I are so happy that our school has become our home! More than that, I’d like to thank Town Centre for helping me foster a love of learning in my child! It’s one of the biggest gifts we can give our children. Proud to be a TCPS parent!

Dr. D Grewal

Thank you (Dennis, Joan, Edna, Rita) all for your leadership at the school. I just want to acknowledge the outstanding teaching job by Miss. Darlene Clough and Miss Sarah. Thank you for all your hard work this year. Roma loves school and it’s easy to see why. We hear all about the unique way you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much. You helped her get organized, motivated, and above all, interested in learning, which is no small feat. Thank you again for the quality teaching and building the good early foundation. Please pass our thanks to the Miss Clough and Miss Sarah. Enjoy the rest of the school year. You’re doing a great job!

Jawad Tanweer/Mediha Nawaz
Roma’s Parents

Ms. Ahmed and Ms. Andres are the true definition of caring and genuine teachers with a true love for their students. Every morning they greet us all with a smile and a “good morning!” It starts the day out on such a positive note. They are never too busy to answer any questions and even when my youngest was sick, made sure to ask how he was. This shows just how special they are. They go over and above what they have to do and have made my sons ongoing experience at this school a great one. I wanted to ensure that they know how grateful I am that they are teaching my son. Thank you again!

Sonja Odlum
Pre-School Parent



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