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Bringing Awareness through Anti-Bullying Week

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November 20th launched the start of Anti-Bullying Week in the TCPS High School. Throughout the week students participated in a variety of discussions, activities and viewed a video on the theme of Bullying Awareness and Bullying Prevention. Teachers and students together explored analyzing bullying behaviour, the effects of bullying and developing coping strategies through in-class presentations and projects.

The week started with “The Impact of Words” activity. Through this engaging and thought-provoking activity, students explored the world of cyber-bullying and its effects, emphasizing the importance of mindful online behaviour. By involving all grades in this concise yet inclusive activity, we aimed to ensure that every student understands the importance of cyber-bullying awareness and the role they can play in promoting a safer online environment.

On Wednesday students were engaged in the “Personality Walk” activity. Students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of valuing diversity in personality traits, fostering a school culture that celebrates individuality and discourages bullying.

The week culminated on Friday with all High School classes attended a special presentation by Police Officer Park who guided them through an impactful exploration of cyberbullying, its effects, and the importance of mindful online behavior. We hope this week has helped students learn how to prevent and manage bullying issues and bring awareness to the serious physiological and psychological effects of bullying.


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