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TCPS Remote Learning and In-Class Students Meeting the Same Standards

Beginning in March of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, students in the public and private sectors moved to remote learning. Since that time, whether government mandated or an optional program for students, some may feel that the students in a remote learning program are not learning at the same level as those in-class.  At Town Centre Private Schools this is simply not the case. 

For almost 2 years now, we have offered students the option of remote learning or in-class learning in our Preparatory and Senior Preparatory classes (ages 4 and 5) up through grade 12. 

At the Pre-School level, the class is instructed by a dedicated, Montessori trained, TCPS teacher.  The academic focus is on Math, Language, Culture and suggestions are provided for Practical Life and Sensorial activities. In addition, students have their subject classes (like their in-class peers) receiving lessons in Music, Computer studies, French and enjoying daily physical activity time.

At the Elementary and High School levels, remote learning students have the same timetable, attendance requirement, curriculum and are taught by the same TCPS teacher as they would have if they were physically at school. 

Remote Learning students are taught using both synchronous and asynchronous learning. During synchronous learning, students receive real-time, face to face learning with their teacher in a scheduled block of time. Synchronous learning enables students to receive direct instruction from their teacher, ask questions and receive immediate feedback, while also having the opportunity to collaborate and socialize with their peers.  Students also have asynchronous learning which provides them with the opportunity to research, practice skills and reflect on their learning. Through asynchronous work, students develop their organization skills and learn how to work independently. Each day students also have the opportunity for live time with their teacher where support is provided for classroom lessons and homework. In High School, students can also attend tutorials with their subject teachers to provide additional assistance when needed.  All remote learning students also participate with in-class students in school events including virtual field trips, activity days, special events and presentations.

The International Baccalaureate and Ontario Ministry of Education grading requirements take a variety of forms from formative and summative assessments including quizzes and tests to project-based assignments, presentations and performances or oral assessments. Town Centre covers all curriculum expectations, skills and standards ensuring all remote learning and in-class students are well-prepared to succeed in the next level of learning.  

Guidance and support are key qualities where Town Centre really distinguishes itself in terms of how the teachers care about the students, take the time to get to know them, build a positive rapport and do what is needed to help them achieve their full potential whether they are sitting in a TCPS classroom or behind a computer at home.  At TCPS it is our priority to ensure that when our students complete each grade, they are fully prepared for their next steps in life, whether that means being ready to enter the next grade level or being prepared for the demands and challenges of university life.  Whatever comes next, they’ll be ready!


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